Featured Links No. 1

In the top corner of my sidebar, you’ll see a new list titled “Featured Links”. My plan is to regularly update this list with a few places I’ve recently found or been interested in. Here is the first list:

Newseum: Today’s Front Pages

Newseum is an actual news museum in Washington, DC. Each day, they post a readable copy of the front page of more than 800 newspapers around the world. You can sort papers by region, or browse from a map. I like to look at the papers in other languages and try to figure out what the stories are.

Local Weather

I did a short post about this site a little more than a year ago. Since then, they’ve changed the interface so that you can type in any city to display it’s weather forecast atop great photographs representing the prediction.

Blotter Barn

The Blotter Barn is the online home of Mark McCloud’s collection of decorated LSD blotter paper. It’s the most comprehensive collection of it’s kind in the world, and he sells prints of many papers in his collection. Yes, Mark and his collection have been the subject of two criminal trials. The History page is also worth checking out, with links to articles and interviews about the collection and the art of blotter paper.

Colors Lab: Superheroes

Colors Lab is a site hosted by Colors Magazine. For each upcoming issue, they post a topic (right now, it’s “Today’s Superheroes”), and ask artists, writers, photographers, journalists, anyone really, to upload content based on that theme. Uploads are selected for inclusion in the print issue of the magazine.

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