Sewing and Thinking

Last spring I made this batik water banner for the Procession of the Species. This is a huge parade that happens every year in our city. The whole community put together handmade costumes and people-powered floats and music, all based on some aspect of the natural world, and free of all words and symbols. I didn’t get a chance to finish my batik nicely before Procession last year, I just basted a loose seam for a pocket to slip a pole into. During the parade the seam started coming undone, and I ended up using duct tape to hold it together. There’s still some gray gooey residue left in one of the corners.

I decided to finally hem the edges. I think it looks much better, but after I wash it tomorrow I’m sure it will look even cleaner and brighter. I never got a chance to wash the wax out, instead I ended up ironing it out onto newspaper, which works somewhat, but leaves the cloth dirty from the ink and still a bit waxy.

Sewing with needle and thread is so relaxing and meditative. I like to sit and let my mind wander when I am working with my hands. For some reason, tonight I was thinking about my birthday, even though it’s not coming up until May.

The past few years it seems I’ve ended up having a bad day on my birthday for one reason or another. So I started thinking about what I’d like to do to celebrate this year, even though it’s early.

A breakfast of waffles in the morning before I go to work would be heavenly. My birthday falls on a Friday this year, and Fridays are usually pretty mellow at school so that will be nice. I’d also like to go out to dinner at a restaurant near out apartment. I don’t get to go there often, because it’s not super cheap, but it has the most delicious food! It’s such a small, crowded space, but it’s worth it. I went there with my mom when she came down to visit for the day last weekend.

I’m also hoping to discourage my family from buying me gifts. The one thing I really want is to have my sewing machine fixed. Otherwise, I’m thinking about asking them to donate to the independent school I work at if they want to give me something. Does that seem like a reasonable thing to ask? Or is it weird to ask them to donate money?

What else is happening this May? I get to go see Fleet Foxes! (S) just bought our tickets yesterday.

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