Evolution of a Crazy Artist

A few nights ago I finished reading a book I checked out of the library: Sophie Crumb: Evolution of a Crazy Artist. The book is a chronological collection of Sophie’s drawings and sketchbooks, starting at age 2, and ending in 2010 at age 28. Yes, it might be interesting to some mainly because of who Sophie’s parents are (Aline & Robert Crumb), but since I’ve never actually read any of their work, that didn’t really matter to me.

I loved watching the artistic development of Sophie, and couldn’t help but be impressed by her skill, especially at such young ages. It made me want to draw more, more, more, and in fact I did do some drawing in a sketchbook after I put the book down. So thank you, Sophie, for the inspiration.

One of my favorite pages (pg. 139) was a comic drawn when she was 18. She uses a different artistic style in each panel, while expressing her frustration with the fact that she’s expected to develop her own. I can remember that exact feeling when i was in high school, also at age 18, trying to figure out what it meant to have my own style. Not just what it meant, but how to find it! My sister was talking to me a few months ago about this same dilemma. But looking through Sophie’s work, I find her voice to be remarkably consistent, even from when she was very young. She does experiment with different styles to get her ideas out, but her voice shines through all of them. And that, in my opinion, is the important thing.

Sophie continues to post her sketches on her blog, if you’re interested in seeing more of her work.

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