Journal: 02.22.2011

I had a wonderful four-day weekend for Midwinter Break. (S) and I worked on fixing up our apartment a bit. We went to Goodwill yesterday and walked home with our arms completely full. My arms are actually sore today. Here are a few things I did:

A tablecloth on our small kitchen table really made the area more welcoming. I also decided to move a bookshelf over to store fruits, vegetables, and cookbooks. Of course, this means I have an entire bookshelf worth of books stacked on the floor in the other room. I’m really wanting to find some tall bookshelves to put my books on anyways, so the short shelves all over don’t take up so much room. Hopefully I’ll find one soon.

The shelf above the turntable is another new addition. On the top shelf it holds the sleeve of what’s currently playing, and on the bottom the record brush and (right now) a feather and some cubes I made out of pipe cleaners. I am listening to that same album right now… Challengers by The New Pornographers.

These are some “Magic Stars” I made at school today. They’re magic because you can slide the pieces in and out to change from a star shape to a ring.

I’ve also been paying attention to the seemingly never-ending list of scary political things happening in the US right now. Here are some links to a few resources/online petitions if you are interested:

What’s Happening in Wisconsin Explained
Schedule of Solidarity Rallies (for protests in WI)

Stand With Planned Parenthood (online petition against barring PP from all federal funding)

Save NPR & PBS (online petition against cutting all funding for our public media)

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