Featured Links No.2

Another short list of pages I think are really cool.

The Noun Project
The Noun Project provides free creative commons licensed icons for anyone to download and use. Many of them are designed by The Noun Project, and many are in the Public Domain.

Google Art Project
Google has partnered with 17 art museums around the world to put together the Art Project. Each museum selected works from their collections to feature in super-high definition. You can zoom in enough to see the individual brushstrokes on paintings. Many galleries from the museums are also explorable in the same way that Google’s street view works on Google maps.

Adventure Playgrounds
I mentioned Adventure Playgrounds when I talked about Signal: 01, a journal I recently read. Adventure playgrounds are “playgrounds” where children are able to create their own play-spaces and worlds. This site (and printable booklet) were created as a senior project by a Hampshire College student, and are a great resource for information, probably the best I’ve found online.

Zine Library
Zine Library is just what it sounds like, an online zine library. Anyone can upload or download a zine. They’re mostly radical in flavor, although there are lots of different categories.

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