Another 4-Day Weekend

The snow day last Thursday turned into my second four day weekend in a row. The weather still hasn’t made up it’s mind. The snow has turned to slush in some places, and not melted at all in others. It’s been raining, snowing and slushing on and off for days.

On Saturday I joined the rally at the state capitol in solidarity with the Wisconsin Protests against taking away collective bargaining rights for unions. There were so many people there, I was so glad to see the community come together.

I’ve been reading this book, The Serial Garden: The Complete Armitage Family Stories by Joan Aiken. Aiken is one of my favorite authors, and these short stories about the Armitage family are some of her lesser-known works. (At least less-known to me!) Some of them were published when she was eighteen! These stories are about Harriet and Mark Armitage, who live with their mother and father in a small English village. Due to a wish their mother made many years ago, every Monday is an interesting and exiting one. But magical and unusual things seem to happen to the family whether it is Monday or not. The awesome cover illustration is by Beth Adams.

I decided to wind my lengths of embroidery thread onto cards. It’s much more organized and easy to find the colors I want. I love how beautiful all the colors are.

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