The Way It Began

It started with a snake. Tuesday morning, a seven-year-old walked into the art room and announced: “I need someone to help me sew a pet snake.” He and his friends were planning a game where they all had pets they took care of, and he wanted to make his own pet, instead of using stuffed animals like everyone else.

So… I took down the felt and the sewing basket, and we proceeded to put together a awesome snake, green with a white underbelly, black button eyes and a forked red tongue. I ended up sewing about half of it closed, but he did the other half, stuffed it, and sewed on the eyes himself.

By the end of the day, his snake was sporting a red plaid scarf, a nine-year-old had sewn a matching set of hat, scarf, and boots for her uglydoll, and two four-year-olds had scarves wrapped around their beanie babies’ necks. Another nine-year-old decided to make his own uglydoll. He designed it on paper, then cut it out and got one of his friends to help him start sewing.

I’s so much fun to sew with felt! I really needed to have my own project, so I cut out a heart in between meetings and sending out the newsletter. When I got home, I sewed it up and stuffed it with some dyer lint I’d been collecting. Not nearly enough though. I’m going to put a donation basket for lint in the laundry room with a sign.

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