Grandma Moses

The Quilting Bee

Sugaring Time

The Old Checkered House


“According to art historian Judith Stein, Grandma Moses was “practical at heart, turning to painting in her seventies after working with worsted wools for embroidered compositions,” which risked being eaten by moths. She painted mostly scenes of rural life. Others have noted that she abandoned a career in embroidery because of arthritis. Grandma Moses told reporters that she turned to painting in order to create the postman’s Christmas gift, seeing as “was easier to make [a painting] than to bake a cake over a hot stove.” Stein notes that “her sense of accomplishment in her painting was rooted in her ability to make ‘something from nothing’, as Lucy Lippard defined the aesthetics of women’s ‘hobby art’ in 1978.” Stein considers [Moses’] quilting work, for which she transformed cloth scraps into useful and beautiful objects, akin to hobby art.”

– Wikipedia (Grandma Moses)

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