Sunday Painting

This past Sunday I spent all day with my friend X, who is 7. We’ve known each other for about three years now. We used to be neighbors, but now live in different neighborhoods. We did a lot of art. Painting with watercolors and coloring. This is a painting of a fire-breathing dragon she made.

I found some toilet paper rolls and some scraps of wood, and we experimented with painting on those as well. We both really liked painting people on the toilet paper rolls. She made two old ladies, and they turned into finger puppets right away. Later in the day she started playing with crumpling up the still-wet painted paper, and folding and unfolding it.

She also painted a story for me, this is the story she told as she painted the images: “This is a town called Pushtown. It is in a meadow in the middle of a forest there are two types of trees in the forest, and they are all very tall. There are some little houses on the edge of the meadow, but they are all abandoned. Except for one house where a little girl lives with her mom and dad. Then the little girl grew up and left home and now there are four houses and they are all abandoned.

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