My birthday was last week, and some of my family came down on Mother’s Day for a joint birthday/Mother’s Day celebration. My mom made me this birthday flower crown, which I love, and can’t bring myself to put outside. (It’s still in the fridge right now, but fairly wilty.)

I got a sewing machine as a gift, which I’m really exited about. I haven’t really used one since I was little, and I’m re-learning. The first thing I made was a cover for my camera strap. I really like it, but it’s difficult to get a photo of, as I already put it back on my camera. I used this tutorial to make it.

Sam recorded (mixed, and mastered), himself singing some of my favorite lullabies and put them together into a mini-album for me. He’s the best. Really. Also because I made him come on a last-minute bike adventure out to Woodard Bay, and then when we got there my tube popped and we had to call our friend to come rescue us.

2 thoughts on “Birthday

  1. What a lovely pattern for your camera strap cover! Getting a new sewing machine is always super exciting- being able to test it out and get it up and running is one of my favorite things.

    And a gift of your favorite lullabies is absolutely lovely- I’m sure you’ll treasure it for years!

    • It is so exiting! I can’t stop dreaming of all the things I want to make! But I’m trying to go somewhat slowly, so I don’t get too frustrated with my skill level.

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