May Garden

We’ve been wanting a birdbath for some time now. Sam was working on making one from an old trash can lid, but it wasn’t working out. Meanwhile, we realized the bees needed a better water source. Right now they’ve been using puddles that form on our cardboard sheet mulch, but those aren’t always there- especially […]


My birthday was last week, and some of my family came down on Mother’s Day for a joint birthday/Mother’s Day celebration. My mom made me this birthday flower crown, which I love, and can’t bring myself to put outside. (It’s still in the fridge right now, but fairly wilty.) I got a sewing machine as […]

Spring Banner

I batik-ed this banner at this same time last year, and I just finished hemming it last week. Actually what it portrays is about two weeks old by now – everything is changing so quickly. The osoberries are almost done flowering, the ferns have unfurled, and the earliest-blooming cherry blossoms have already come down in […]